1. Minerva’s contractors will visit clients to establish their Skills Development need for the training year and inform the client of the various benefits available to the client from SDL, SARS allowances and any other mechanisms that may become available for the client from time to time.
  2. Follow up with proposals, order forms, or Service Level agreements as appropriate for the training courses required and as used by the training provider to ensure prices/ spaces booked are in writing. Collection of 2 original signed copies to be countersigned by the provider. One copy to be returned to the client by Independent contractors or assistant.
  3. On a monthly basis, Minerva will email a 3 month schedule of all open class training available.
  4. Minerva Books cc will represent the training provider and their courses with accuracy, honesty and integrity based on information provided by the training provider.
  5. Minerva will provide the client with registration/ booking confirmation forms as used by the training provider to ensure spaces booked are in writing.
  6. Attendance for the training will be re-confirmed 72 hours prior to course start date and cancellation fees charged if applicable
  7. Minerva or the training provider will issue invoices before commencement of training.
  8. All clients will be informed of documentary requirements and requested to ensure that students bring these with them when completing the signing of SETA or provider required documentation.
  9. For Learner-ship programmes the appropriate documents required by the client’s SETA and the procedure required is to be discussed with the client. Client and learner details forms – with copy if ID to be obtained.
  10. All SETA documents to be prepopulated by Independent contractors / Admin and supplied to client with clear step by step instructions as to completion, provision of supporting documentation and timetable of expectations.
  11. Collection of 2 copies of all documents, correctly completed, signed and with 2 x original clear certified copies of ID, Matric certificate, further Highest Level of Education and medical certificate if appropriate and one copy of Contract of employment.
  12. The Independent contractors/ Admin will provide the quality control necessary to ensure all documents are correct completed and all supporting documentation collected and  scanned to Minerva’s business Dropbox –  saved in clients folder.
  13. These documents will be delivered to the training provider and /or SETA as necessary. A delivery note will be signed by the recipient when documents are delivered and this will be scanned and saved to the server. Dropbox Business is used as a POPI compliant storage solution.
  14. A tracking sheet detailing document delivery dates and learner details will be populated and stored on the server in clients file for use by BEE consultants when required.
  15. In some cases (e.g. MICT) similar electronic spreadsheets are required by SETA to be submitted at the same time as the Workplace Based Learner Agreements. Independent contractors / Admin will confirm how and to whom at SETA these should be sent and ensure that this occurs and is also recorded  on Minerva’s  tracking sheet.
  16. The Independent contractors/ Admin will follow up with the SETA to obtain confirmation that the learners are registered and recover a SETA signed copy of the Workplace Based Learner Agreements bearing the learner registration number.
  17. A client learner-ship  file is to be created containing the above SETA signed copy of each Learners agreements, proof of SETA registration, qualification enrolment, training induction register,  signed quote, (invoices and POPs if possible). Once complete, this is to be delivered to the client and a signed delivery note obtained and scanned to server.
  18. On a monthly basis the Independent contractors / Admin will ensure training report are sent to clients by the training provider and that the provider has discuss options for NYC students as necessary and provided a solution.
  19. Independent contractors will follow up with client to ascertain satisfaction & relay feedback to training provider.
  20. Independent contractors will undertake, to their best of abilities, to resolve any disputes to the satisfaction of all parties.
  21. Minerva Books cc will collect certificates from the training provider and deliver them to the clients via Independent contractors. Certificates will not be given to the students directly.

NB This same process applies to skills programmes and unit standards.

This co-ordination service is provided FREE of charge to companies as Minerva is remunerated by the training providers. It is essential that registration forms are sent to Minerva in order for the company to be paid and continue to provide you our valuable client with FREE service.

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